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Wire Cutting Melbourne

Wire Cutting

EDM Wire Cutting, or electrical discharge machining, is a process that allows for the rapid creation of prototypes or short run manufactured products. Hand-On Industries has been offering wire cutting services to Melbourne for years in addition to our precision engineering other projects and offerings, and our wire EDM work is some of the most trusted in the region.

What Type of Wire Cutting Services do you Offer?

  • Precise Prototypes
    Crafting your prototype with EDM wire cutting from Hand-On Industries is the perfect solution when you need a prototype that's made quickly and accurately. Because electrical discharge machining frees you from the time and cost associated with tooling and fixture setup, you're able to save on money and potentially get your prototype faster. With wire EDM, you are able to produce parts that would be difficult to manage when using standard machining processes.

    With many years experience providing wire cutting in Melbourne, Hand-On Industries can advise and walk you through the quick and easy process. We can even assist you in identifying necessary changes or tweaks to your designs that will go a long way in improving your part's performance or even changes that will make things easier in the manufacturing stage.

    Whether you're in the aerospace, automotive, electronic industry, mould making tool and die or related industries, EDM wire cutting prototypes are quickly becoming the standard solution. Contact Hand-On Industries today to get a quote for your prototype.

  • Complex Wire Cutting
    Hand-On Industries specialises in handling complex wire cutting jobs - or those that require the profile at the top to differ from the bottom. This is perfect for when you need objects that taper or change shape from the start to finish. Our wire EDM services are able to cut complex contours in pre-hardened steel without additional heat-treating requirements.
    For a custom quote for your job please use the form to the right, for any other inquiries please give us a call at +613 9431 0457 or use our online form here.
  • Known as electrical discharge machining
    Hand-On Industries provides EDM Wire Cutting, also known as electrical discharge machining. Wire EDM is a process in which one uses an electrode, in this case a brass wire, to skilfully erode a work piece using electrical sparking.

    We specialize in providing wire cutting services for companies in need of precise, accurate prototypes and pieces for short run manufacturing.

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